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Message From: Pastor.Gootla.Dora babu   |   Email Address:
Greetings to you in the most precious name of Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I would like to introduce myself to you, I am pastor: Gootla. Dora Babu, I have been working for our Lord Jesus Christ among Hindu people in spreading good news of Jesus Christ in different areas of East Godavari district of our state Andhrapredesh, India. “Our aim is to win the souls and prepare for the coming of the Lord”. We preach Christ. His birth, His works, His teaching, His crucifixion, His resurrection, His second coming, His millennial reign, His white throne judgment and the new heaven and the new earth, when He shall have put all enemies under His feet and shall reign eternally. We believe the Bible is God’s word, there is one true faith, one true God and one way to the kingdom of heaven that is our Jesus Christ. We want to see this wonderful truth spread around the world. Let us work together for unity, holiness and the full salvation that produces Gods special anointing and grace. God blessed us with film ministry too; we take Jesus film in Telugu language at different village, Please pray for our ministry!!! May God bless you abundantly!! Yours in His service, Pastor:Gootla.
Posted 07/26/2016

Message From: Pam   |   Email Address:
Love my Church and Church family! For anyone who does not have a home church, I would like to personally invite you to Mt. Olive!
Posted 04/24/2015

Message From: opbabu   |   Email Address:
god bless you
Posted 06/04/2014

Message From: Dick Jensen   |   Email Address:
Praise the lord!
Posted 03/05/2014

Message From: keijo   |   Email Address:
Joy and joy and do not be afraid about to be fighting against the devol who are eagainst us but be glad for our the lod is helping us and take us to rest again and into he is peace with grace and use us to be blessing and help to find Christ aorund us,thanks and bless and win,keijo sweden
Posted 02/01/2014

Message From: Robert James   |   Email Address:
Whoa! what a Thanksgiving message! after listening to the Pastors message and with tears in my eyes, my thoughts ran through all the excuses I've ever made as Deacon just to get out of my Christian obligations. Yes, the table is set we must accept our Lord's invitation. May the Lord Bless Pastor Ken, Amen! I'm a first time visitor to your website and live in NYC, I will visit this site again and will come in person to that church hopefully someday just to listen to Pastor Ken live.
Posted 11/23/2013

Message From: Lexi Johnson   |   Email Address:
My aunt, Donna, was diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer in December. After undergoing surgery and chemo/radiation, we thought she was in remission. She found out that she now has stage IV metastatic cancer that has spread to her lungs. She met with her doctor and they said that she wouldn't be able to do surgery like we had been hoping because the chemo that she was doing wasn't making the tumors on her lungs and lymph nodes get smaller. Now, she will be doing the strongest chemo in hopes that it will make the tumors shrink. Please pray that the tumors will get smaller and that surgery will be a possibility in the future. Thank you so much!
Posted 10/14/2013

Message From: Kenneth Lowe   |   Email Address:
Web site looks good. Come to Mt Olive and learn about God's word.
Posted 11/05/2012

Message From: Linda Dillingham   |   Email Address:
I love my Mt. Olive church family. This is a great church to raise children in because the whole church loves and teaches them and sits down with them every Wednesday night for supper. Come visit our Children's Ministry on Sunday mornings and learn about Jesus. We also have puppet shows and crafts. Hope you'll bring your kids and come see us soon.
Posted 11/03/2012

Message From: Connie Smith   |   Email Address:
Love the new look!
Posted 11/02/2012

Message From: Pam   |   Email Address:
I love being a member of Mt.Olive, it is a family-oriented, caring and a great place to fellowship, worship and learn about GOD'S word.
Posted 11/02/2012